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Early Learning

Early childhood education focuses on learning through play, based on Montessori & Regio/Emilia Approaches, which posits that play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of children.


  • talking about what’s around you and what’s happening

  • encouraging your child to talk by listening and responding

  • providing materials that can be used in lots of ways and that encourage your child to imitate and pretend (for example, toy telephones, dolls or hats)

  • sharing songs, stories and rhymes.


Ages 3 - 5


  • drawing, painting, finger painting and making potato prints

  • emptying and filling containers in the bath or paddling pool but never leave your child unsupervised

  • dressing up in your old clothes, shoes and jewellery

  • climbing, digging and running outdoors

  • singing

  • playing with dolls and digital games

  • experiencing books.




Ages 8 and +

  • Summer Camp



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